Finding it hard to collect data even after multiple crashes?

With foreign crash services, the risk of data loss occurs due to data sampling (resulting in only portions being collected), or due to the servers being located overseas.
IMQA collects data in the countries that our clients need the most.


Transparent Data Disclosure

While foreign crash/platform service companies hide information that may be disadvantageous for their companies, IMQA will stack all data transparently.


Compatible with IMQA MPM

IMQA CRASH can be used in conjunction with IMQA MPM, allowing you to view and use various performance indicators that can’t be found in standard crash reports.


Unconstrained dSYM Management

Do you find yourself having to upload dSYM files to the server every time you need to conduct symbolication tasks? With IMQA, you no longer have to, as the entire process is automated.


User-defined Log Support

IMQA supports user-defined logs and IDs, and lets you conduct more detailed root cause analyses when crashes occur.


Flexible Installation Method Support

Whether it be installation-type, service-type, or hybrid-type, our solutions can be installed through any method possible. Install our solutions in the manner that best fits your needs in your current situation.


Open Source Project Support

Our open source projects can be used free of charge. Please contact IMQA (


IMQA Installation-type Customized for Corporate Infrastructure Environments

We advise our clients to install IMQA services in their infra or cloud environments. The IMQA Installation-type allows for the direct management of collected data, allowing for a more effective management of data security. When a problem occurs, the IMQA infra officer will provide remote support to ensure that the service runs without a hitch.
The IMQA Installation-type can be installed and used by companies that have signed up for the service.


IMQA FastOps,
the Solution for Fast Operation and Distribution Environments

IMQA FastOps is our method for ensuring that our clients enjoy efficient operation and distribution environments, and is suited for mobile applications.
IMQA MPM and Crash solutions let you to get a measure of an application’s status and performance before its development or distribution at a glance, and their ongoing monitoring of mobile applications allow you to efficiently operate your applications and quickly respond to any bugs that may occur. We provide valuation information to help bring about better applications, which in turn helps raise the usability of our clients.

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