IMQA MPM, a Mobile
Performance Monitoring
that Capable of
All Layers

IMQA MPM analyzes the root causes of various failures,
which may be difficult to resolve through crash reports alone,
and can pinpoint problems on a code level.


User Environment-oriented Performance Analysis

You can discover the root cause
of failures through linked analysis
of various indicators, such as User Activity, screens, processes, analysis of the operating system version
and regions and types of devices used.


Resource Use Analysis

IMQA MPM pinpoints
which fields are using a large amount CPU, memory, network, Native / WebView UI rendering, and other such resources.


Issue Diagnosis and Code Level Analysis

IMQA MPM compares the root cause
of the failures with the stack information
to analyze the resource usage
and overall correlation, allowing it to clearly define the cause of the mobile application’s problems.


Statistics and Reports

IMQA MPM allows you to print reports
in any period format you desire,
whether it be as a daily report,
a weekly report, or even a monthly report.

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Stabilize your mobile business early with IMQA,
a mobile performance monitoring solution to your enterprise environment.


IMQA Installation-type Customized for Corporate Infrastructure Environments

We advise our clients to install IMQA services in their infra or cloud environments. The IMQA Installation-type allows for the direct management of collected data, allowing for a more effective management of data security. When a problem occurs,
the IMQA infra officer will provide remote support to ensure that the service runs without a hitch.
The IMQA Installation-type can be installed
and used by companies that have signed up for the service.


IMQA FastOps,
the Solution for Fast Operation and Distribution Environments

IMQA FastOps is our method for ensuring that our clients enjoy efficient operation and distribution environments, and is suited for mobile applications.
IMQA MPM and Crash solutions let you to get a measure of an application’s status and performance before its development or distribution at a glance, and their ongoing monitoring of mobile applications allow you to efficiently operate your applications and quickly respond to any bugs that may occur. We provide valuation information to help bring about better applications, which in turn helps raise the usability of our clients.

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