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ONYCOM, Received Minister's Award for Best Global SaaS Project
  • 2021.12.27

ONYCOM (CEO Lee Seok-ho) announced on the 27th that it was selected as an excellent project in the '2021 Global SaaS Fostering Project' hosted by the Information and Communication Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA, President Kim Chang-yong) and received the Minister of Science, Technology and Information Technology Award.

Hosted by the Ministry of Science and ICT and supervised by NIPA, the 2021 Global SaaS Incubation Project (GSIP) is a business that supports the development and commercialization of SaaS by small and medium-sized ICT and SW companies in Korea through partnerships with global and domestic cloud leading companies.

Onycom developed and commercialized 'IMQA', an artificial intelligence-based mobile app performance monitoring service, through this GSIP project. 'IMQA' monitors the performance of mobile apps in real time and enables cause analysis at the source code level. It received the highest evaluation score from experts in the fields of creativity, technology independence, and business feasibility, and was selected as an excellent project.

Youngsoo Son, Managing Director of Anycomm, said, “It is an honor to have developed and upgraded IMQA’s AIOPS and SaaS based on GSIP support, and to receive the GSIP Outstanding Leading Company and Minister’s Award. We plan to introduce IMQA to many domestic and foreign customers by developing functions and upgrading products.”