ONYCOM | 프론트엔드 성능 모니터링 솔루션 IMQA


IMQA is creating differentiated management solutions
with QA experience and expertise.



Onycom, Inc. leads the world in
constant change based on
innovative ICT convergence technology.


Total ICT Solution & Service
specialized company ONYCOM

With our technical expertise and understanding of our customers,
ONYCOM provides a total ICT service across various industries
including Smart Solution & Services, Big Data and Mobile Applications.

In addition, Onycom has grown into Korea’s #1 QA company
which verifies the core processes of mobile devices to provide the best service quality.
In order to secure future-proof national competitiveness,
Onycom is preparing 'Smart Process Solutions' to keep up with an era of Smart Devices and Cloud Industries.

  • Cumulative number of customers


  • Number of patents in the field of mobile

  • Number of employees


As of May 2022



  • Mobile Performance Management Solution 'IMQA' supply contract with Busan Bank, Korea Financial Telecommunications and Clearings Institute, Longest WPM Web Monitoring service launched 'IMQA' ,mobile performance management solution, participated in 14th Japan IT Week Autumn


  • Mobile Performance Management Solution 'IMQA' supply contract with Seoul Metropolitan Facilities Management Corporation, HY, Cardoc, Intenza KOLAS’ software field internationally accredited testing agency certification (2022.02) IMQA, free usage plan IMQA LITE released Development of AI-based artificial intelligence solution for FEMS (Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy) Development of video subtitle extraction model (Seoul Metropolitan Government)


  • 'IMQA' Received 'Ministry of Science and Technology Information and Communication Award' at the 2021 Cloud Business Integration Performance Presentation Signed a contract to supply IMQA mobile performance management solution (CJ Logistics) IMQA' ,mobile performance management solution, participated in MWC 2021, 30th Japan IT Week Spring Head office moved to Dutupbawi-ro, Yongsan-gu (2021.02.05)


  • Signed a contract to supply IMQA mobile performance management solution (SK hynix) Artificial intelligence facial identification tracking system performance verification business agreement (National IT Industry Promotion Agency) Won the best prize in the KSB AI framework/platform utilization contest (National Research Council of Science Technology) Agent platform performance improvement point discovery Quality evaluation contract (Hyundai MOTOR COMPANY, Kia Motors)


  • Established ONYCOM, INC. (1998.09.04)



Development and supply of smart solutions that improve corporate productivity

  • Front-end integrated performance management solution 'IMQA'
  • Software testing automation solution ‘TestForte’

Development of big data analysis services and technologies

  • Bigdata Total Solution
    Brand ‘ankus’
  • Library, Analyzer, Optimizer, Analytics consulting
Software Quality

Customer-specific quality verification consulting and outsourcing

  • Based on the TMMi framework and international standards
  • Issuing the internationally certified test report of KOLAS
Global Business (USA, Japan)

Export of ICT solutions, distribution of promising solutions

System Integration

New IT technology application, integrated system & service development, optimization